Fat Decimator System Review

Kyle Cooper’s Scientific Diet?

In the armed forces, there is no room for error. You simply cannot have overweight, out-of-shape officers in the line of duty when their lives are at risk.

Kyle Cooper learned this the hard way. While serving in Afghanistan, he lost a 43-year-old man under his command during a combat operation.

It was a tragedy. Kyle learned a tough lesson about combat readiness.

Specifically, he learned that adults in their late 30’s and older need a different way to get fit. And in the process he developed the Fat Decimator System, which we review here.

As usual, our review of the Fat Decimator System will focus on what’s actually in the diet (unlike all the other reviews that just criticize the marketing behind it). It’s among one of our top diets of the year.

About The Fat Decimator System

After the disaster in Afghanistan, Kyle Cooper (creator of Fat Decimator System) met a doctor named Sam Pak. Dr. Pak is the man who explained to Kyle that the diet and exercise of young people will not work for us as we get older.

Learn More About Dr. Pak’s Military-Approved System Here

In fact, if you’re in your 40’s but you try to train like a 20-year-old, you could be making things worse.

On the flip side, the system developed by Kyle Cooper and Dr. Pak can lead to fast results in older adults. The whole system is designed with them in mind.

There are three parts to this system:

  • Diet (obviously)
  • Exercise (just 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes a day)
  • Mindset (important!)

The majority of the program talks about diet. This makes sense, because most experts say that diet is the single most important factor when it comes to losing weight.

That’s not to say exercise isn’t important. The Fat Decimator program presents an alternative to long hours of cardio, which most people hate.

Instead, you get short workouts designed to keep your metabolism working throughout the day.

What Is The Fat Decimator Diet?

The diet is based on a three week plan.

Kyle’s program is meant for long-term weight loss, but the focus is on making the first 3 weeks count.

Research has shown that it takes approximately 21 days for a new habit to form. So by sticking with this system for 3 weeks you set yourself up for long lasting results. (Plus you’ll probably lose a bunch of weight during those 3 weeks!)

There are three main principles that make the diet effective:

  • short-term fasting
  • smart calorie restriction
  • low carbohydrate intake

A Four-Phase Diet

The 21 day long Fat Decimator diet is broken down into four phases. It’s designed this way in order to properly mobilize your fat so it gets burned off as fuel.

In Phase 1 (days 1-7), Kyle claims you can lose 5-10 pounds of weight. And it’s incredible simple: you stick to a few small meals of protein and vegetables (from an approved list of foods) and eat during a certain window in the day.

This begins the short term fasting process that provides a lot of the benefit of this diet. If you’re not used to fasting it might be uncomfortable, but still nothing too bad.

Phase 2 is brief and you will ramp up your fasting during this period. Again, it may be uncomfortable, and Kyle gives you an alternative if the fasting is a little too difficult.

Phase 3 has you consuming high fat foods. It seems counterintuitive but Kyle explains that the healthy fats you’ll be eating will actually help accelerate your fat loss, setting you up for the final stage.

Phase 4 lasts for more than half the diet. It’s a bit more straightforward than the first three phases. You’ll be restricting calories based on your body’s own metabolic needs. But your diet will look more normal than in Phase 3.

After those three weeks, you’re done. If you’ve followed it carefully there’s a good chance you’ll be well on your way to the body you want (if you’re not there already).

Maintaining Your New Body

We’ve all heard about people who lose a bunch of weight only to gain it all back plus more. So there’s a whole section in the Fat Decimator book that covers how to keep the weight from coming back.

The good news is that you’ve already made this easier by sticking to the diet for 21 days. There is plenty of science behind this.

What Are The Fat Decimator Workouts?

Like we mentioned before, this program gives you an exercise regimen that’s meant to complement your diet and – according to Kyle – as much as double your fat loss.

It’s fairly simple. You go on a brief daily walk, and do some resistance training. No long cardio, no treadmills.

Altogether the workouts should only take you maybe a couple hours a week total.

It turns out that diet is the most important factor in weight loss, and exercise is secondary. A good workout regimen can accelerate your results, but nailing the diet is most important.

In our opinion, you can customize the exercise section to your preference. If you don’t like the exercises Kyle gives you, instead do what you enjoy. Something is better than nothing.

What We Liked

The Fat Decimator System is based on Kyle Cooper’s experience getting armed service members prepared for intense combat, so we know it’s based on ideas that work.

And there are a lot of nice features about this diet:

  • The guide makes it easy to understand and follow
  • Based on proven science about fasting and calorie restriction
  • Allows for some flexibility in your meal choice
  • Workouts are very manageable
  • Science behind the diet is explained simply
  • Helps you maintain your new body after the diet
  • Tells you what to do if you miss a day or two

What We Didn’t Like

There’s no such thing as a perfect diet and Fat Decimator is no exception. It might not be for everybody:

  • Not vegetarian or vegan friendly
  • Any amount of fasting will be challenging for beginners
  • It would be nice to see more recipes
  • Not available in physical book (only digital and audio)

Conclusion: Does The Fat Decimator System Work?

All in all we recommend the Fat Decimator Diet to any adult looking for a proven way to lose weight.

Short term fasting and calorie restriction isn’t easy, but you get used to it sooner than you think. And there is plenty of research that says doing this will help you lose weight.

Everybody is different, but we think that most people with extra fat could lose at least5-10 pounds during the 3 week period. It’s possible that you’ll lose a lot more, and certainly there are testimonials of people who have done so.

Still, it’s good to have realistic expectations. Even if you don’t lose every last pound during the three week period, you can still have a lot of success with Fat Decimator. Remember, the goal is to shape the body you want long term.

You have nothing to lose by trying it, because there’s a 60-day guarantee. So reward yourself by check it out here today: >>www.fatdecimator.com<<

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